Quilted Classic Throws

Cozy up beneath a colorful blanket, hand-stitched using the Kantha technique and made from soft Indonesian textiles.
Poms, tassels, and fringe are a lovely addition and can be added to any size throw.

Medium - *1 x 1.5 meters
Large - *1 x 2 meters

Quilted Baby Blankets

Small - *1 x 1 meter

Quilted Natural Dye Throws

Our beautiful natural dye throws are made in partnership with a natural dye producer from the island of Bali.  Each fabric piece is dyed using the utmost care and natural ingredients including indigo, mango, canopy tree, mahogany, and more.  The longer the cloth is submerged in the dye, the deeper the colour, and colours are mixed together to create a beautiful array of natural tones.  The fabric choices curated by the House of Diamonds design team are then made in to large hand-stitched throws each approximately 2 m in length.  The width of each throw varies for each quilt.

Quilted Batik Throws

Our batik throws are made with specially selected pieces of batik tulis (hand-drawn batik) cloth.  Each throw is approximately 2m x 1m.  We describe the intricate process of creating each stunning piece of cloth that we use in our throws here How Its Made

Quilted Bedcovers

Every quilted bedcover is a unique work of art, no two are alike!

*165 cm x 225 cm
*225 cm x 225 cm

*All sizes are approximate and may vary slightly from quilt to quilt.